Toddler Safety Harness Tutorial : Baby Safety Essentials You Cannot Miss

There is a fine line between toddler harness and toddler leash although both words can be used interchangeably. The former sounds classy and denotes your ability as a parent to control your child’s safety while the latter sounds as if you’re deliberately trying to restrict their movement.

Nothing can be further from the truth though, because they are practically the same thing. Using a child leash harness doesn’t mean that you’re treating your child like a dog or any other animal, as some die-hard critics would have us believe. It is one of the best ways of ensuring that your child is safe and injury free.

Harness- A Safety Issue

Consider this scenario: You, along with your family, visit an amusement park, shopping mall or even a grocery store. All goes well until the time when you’re distracted for few moments and look the other way.

You become oblivious to the fact that you’ve brought your two-year old along with you. When reality strikes and you do remember, hysteria looms large and you begin to search for them frantically.  However, they are now nowhere to be seen and you become paranoid, running from one place to another. Does the above hypothetical situation ring a bill to any of you parents?

This is exactly what happened with Angela whose 2 year old son was a champion runner. No sooner did she take her eyes off her son in a grocery store than she realized that he was long gone. It took her at least 30 minutes and a lot of frenzy running to finally trace her son playing with other kids not far away from the roadside. Yes, that does happen.

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The fact is that most parents to especially when they’re on an outdoor location because toddlers can wander away within a few seconds because of their innate curiosity about their surroundings. Though baby video monitor helps, but it is here that the role of safety harnesses becomes so important because they allow toddlers to explore their surroundings the under your direction.

Harness- Safety mechanism and backpack buddies!

It is a fact that toddlers need to be supervised lest they get into some kind of trouble. However, it is not physically possible for parents to monitor them 24/7 while traveling. Carrying them always is not at all a realistic solution, especially for moms who can end up injuring their back.

In these cases, a baby safety walking harness is the way to go. Allowing your child to walk using a harness is something that they would appreciate themselves by feeling independent.

There is a wide gamut of toddler backpack harness available these days which don’t make them feel constrained. For instance, you can use an animal printed leash specifically designed for your kid which not only makes him/her feel accompanied by a cute animal, but can also easily be controlled by you. This in turn, would give you peace of mind that your toddler is very much under your leash.

Harness deployment considerations

  • Safety harness for kids in cars is extremely important because thousands of toddlers die in road accidents each year. Ensure that a five point harness is always safeguarding your little one in the car.There are critical infant car seat safety guidelines every parent should know.
  • Toddler backpack child safety harness backpack must be fully adjustable and easy on your toddler’s back.
  • Experiment with different colors and patterns to make the experience more pleasant for your baby.
  • The harness must be made from SABS-cleared materials.
  • The safety tether must not me too tight on the wrist else it could trigger injuries.
  • Don’t forget to have the quality checked by an expert before you actually purchase it.

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